Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lorax Design Frustrations

Don't get me wrong, I love this part of quilting.  I have a basic idea and I tweak it as I go.

I cut the block centers from the panel section.  I also cut 2 1/2 inch strips and used them to mock up a view of what it would look like when it was together.  Wow!  Overwhelming!  All the color and patterns really were fighting.

I needed some calm places to rest!  So I pulled some solids and added them into the mix.  It worked well to pull things together.

Once I got the blocks together and where i wanted them to live, I started working to add some width the the quilt top.  the two strips of blue and white got added in.

Then came the matter of the borders.  I tried a number of combinations but always, too busy, too much.

I pulled my go to  So I am testing a black stop border and

deciding what color the outer borders should be.

I still have enough of all the fabrics to use  as borders.

So........what do you think?

What else could I add?

What colors need to come in?

Is black too harsh?

Frank likes it.  And surprisingly, he likes the mish-mash of colors and patterns.  I guess I am more ordered than I thought!

The Lorax Quilt

I am starting on the Lorax quilt.  She sent me a ton of Dr. Seuss fabric's to use.  Her intention was to have one quilt.  But she sent me two of the book panels, each from a different book.  So I had the brilliant idea to make her two quilts.  It would certainly surprise her!

If the colors had been similar it would have been more rational for me to fit them into one quilt.  But one is a lighter value than the other.  One is The Lorax and the other is Oh! The Places You Will Go!  The book panels are a bit different in size as well.  I can adjust with no problem but I wonder why they do that!

My personal favorite is Green Eggs and Ham closely followed by One Fish, Two Fish.  I think my all time favorite kid's book is Are You My Mother?  Carrie loved the Sesame Street books and I think we read Grover's Bad Awful Day a million times!  Did I mention that Carrie was going to grow up and marry either Burt or Ernie?  I think she ended up with a little of both!  LOL

I don't think I will need more fabrics, but if I do I can add from my solids stash.  I also  bought some Dr Seuss fabrics to make her some pillow cases.  Her mom, who is my friend, loves SpongeBob so i also got some SpongeBob fabrics for some pillows that can be kept at grandma's house!  That will surprise them as well!

I have one quilt easily mapped out.  But I want to use an irregular grid for the second quilt.   I am having difficulty laying it out in EQ so I am going to have to resort to the graph paper.  I think, though, it will go together like most of my quilts -- making a block to fit here and another to fit there!

 That is the fun part of designing these babies! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

52 Photos - gallery 20 - End of the Season

Ahhh.  We live in Southern Louisiana.  The seasons don't change much!  But I loved what the weatherman said just this morning.  He said:  90's all week, and Friday ushers in the Fall season so we will be at 89!

We will have the lush green lawns maybe through December.  That means Frank still cuts the grass through December!  Although he may not have to cut every week, but it it rains that grass will jump up!

I can pick out some very subtle signs that say the season is changing.  I took a photo stroll around my yard.

The bird bath has caught some leaves that are beginning to fall.  We have a lot of trees in our large backyard and most of those leaves will fall eventually, giving us a really nice workout raking them up over 4 months. 

The colorful Coleus plants are sending out their flowers in preparation for the killing cold.  Not that we really get cold here, and they continue to grow though January or sometimes April when I pull them up.  I guess the shorter days signal the DNA of the plant to start the next generation though.

I even found an acorn from the oak tree.  There is an oak tree living around the corner that must be on steroids.  Its acorns are HUGE!  This tiny one pales in comparison to those honking big acorns. 

There were so many of those huge and beautiful acorns that I looked up how I could use them.  I considered making flour and cooking with them.  But then I read that acorn flour is very bitter and gave up the idea.

I can't wait to get some of those huge acorns again this year.  Not for food but for decorations!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Beds, Banned Books and My Mother

So while Patty is no longer doing challenges, Carol is dragging me into the depths of nefarious and loathsome darkness.

Have you head of the banned books Challenge?  You pick a book from the Banned Book List and do a mini-hanging depicting the cover, the deep dark meaning or some situation of the book.  The purpose is to celebrate the right and freedom to read!  Go to Crafty Garden Mom to read more about the Challenge.

Before I go on, the bed store guy Will, called yesterday to tell me the good news that the mattress was in!  Yay!  But the bad news was that the bed itself as not in.  The best he could do was next Saturday.  What choice did I have?  I could go somewhere else but  it would be a minimum of a two week wait, and this Saturday is better than two Saturdays away.....right?????

So back to the BBLC.

Think small, manageable.  I can do it.  Make up for the two lazy months I had just frittering away in la la land.

I have a strong and rich history with banned books and songs and my mother.  She decided that the reading list at John Quincy Adams Junior High School in New Orleans needed revision, so she and a few friends decided to mortify me more than being a 13 year old, too tall, complexion challenged girl could possibly have done.  They decided to get a few of those books banned from the Orleans and Jefferson Parish School Board's Official Reading List.  It was like living with Tipper Gore! Oye!

The Kingsmen
My mother and these friends rallied to to get Louie, Louie (click to hear the horrors) by the Kingsmen banned from the airwaves.   Can you imagine what that did to my popularity?  Hey mom, Wikipedia says: The Kingsmen's edition was the subject of an FBI investigation about the supposed but non-existent obscenity of the lyrics, an investigation that ended without prosecution. 

The one I will always remember was Salinger's Catcher In the Rye.  In rebellion, when was a freshman at Grace King Senior High (an all girl's public school, mind you.)  I obtained a bootleg copy of Myra Breckenridge by Gore Vidal and read it out of my locker between classes and before the bus left to bring me home to my prudish mother.  I am totally surprised not to see that one on the list of banned books!  I guess my mother didn't figure that one out.

Read The Catcher in The Rye online freeWhen I turned 50, I went to the library to pick up some books on tape and I spied the Catcher on a display.  Later that day, I opened the book in the privacy of my own home, behind closed doors, even Frank was out of town.  I felt dirty, really dirty and bad at what I was going to read in those pages.  The horribleness I expected to see. 

I felt guilty, really.  Guilty.  I expected my mother to snatch that book right out of my hands.

Imagine my surprise when the worse I read were the words damn and hell.  And shit.  Hey, the bad boys didn't even really do very bad things!  And I say those words sometimes.  Well, OK, more than sometimes.  OK!  Daily. OK! Carrie was repeating them by time she was 2 1/2. 
Scarlett O'Hara

Go check out the List of Banned Books.  It is interesting to see who and what is on the list.  I was surprised to see James and the Giant Peach, To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men.  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Gone With the Wind? 

Come on mom..........

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Bed!

Oh!  The bed!  Amazing!  Haven't you been curious if I have vibrated myself into oblivion yet?  LOL

Well not yet.  I got a call Friday about 6:30 pm from the mattress place and they said due to having more orders then available production from the factory,  they were unable to get my mattress in for the scheduled Saturday delivery.  They suggested we set the next date for Thursday but it could come in for a Tuesday delivery.

I was not a happy camper.  I said go for Tuesday and change if necessary!!

This is what we are sleeping on since dismantling the bed, sending the mattress to Matt and putting the box spring out on the carport!

We got the box spring back inside an added the tent pads, 8 quilts on each side

and the sleeping bag all piled up to try to make it comfortable.  All I can say is, it is not the floor!  It is bad that your bed is lower than the Basset hounds!!!

Yes, I could cancel the bed and buy from another company, but the it would be another two week wait......geez!

 But the Ellies quilt shows off well!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 19 - the Dog Walker

This last week has been lost.  I meant to get up every week and take a photo of my own dog walker.  And of the dogs he walks.  Up  until my knee got bad a year ago, we walked a mile each morning and again at night.  Those walks kept everyone slim and trim. 

When my knee got worse,  we cut our walks to half mile, then I  stopped going in the morning, and then the evening.  Now it has been 2 months since the knee
replacement and I am not quite ready to start walking my 2 miles again, but it I am getting close to easing back into walking again.

I offer you, Frank and the Basset Boyz  -  DiNozzo and McGee.  NCIS characters.  DiNozzo was a 10 month old rescue from a really bad situation where he was starving to death.  A year later 10 month old McGee came in  even worse shape.  I saved them both.  And McGee repays me to this day by eating whatever he can get his mouth on when  I leave the room.

DiNozzo just looks at me with total adoration and love.  He exists only to please me.

So different from the same backgrounds. 

I actually have three bassets, Chloe the Smelly Basset is the 10 year
old matriarch.  What she says goes.  And when she wants to join the walk, she does.  When she wants to sleep undisturbed through the walk, she does.  And when she wants to go on a walk and sleep half way around the block, she does that too!

But I love all three of them.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

I was so glad that a number of people in the Louisiana Traveling Quilt Group wanted to jump ahead just before my surgery.  Several of them finished two months and sent them ahead.  It worked our perfectly for  me because I received a quilt just three weeks ago at the end of August.  I thought I was late for August!  Whew!  I was not, it was the September quilt.

Now they thought they would shake me, but I lived up to the challenges.  First off, when I took the quilt out of the package, I saw an open space at the  lower left.  To put a block in there would require a dreaded Y seam!

Luckily I am an expert at those Y seams!  you can't get me that easily!

(I wonder why my block looks crinkly?  I ironed the darned thing before I hung it to  take the photo!)

Then I saw the theme was Outdoors.  And there were several trees, a fabulous clothesline with a quilt on it and some outhouses.  I thought it needed a garden!

So I got out my graph paper and drafted some veggies.  Carrots and turnips grew quickly, WELL, actually not so quickly.  But they grew, lets leave it at that.

I do so love them though.  My block may not be as large some of the other blocks,  but you can't always choose the size of your garden.  It is more work than it looks!  LOL.