Tuesday, July 28, 2015

more photos from the workshop

This is Mary teaching us to make a wire mesh on a spiral.  She had so many pieces that were incredibly interesting to me for future ideas.  I was so very excited to learn this mesh technique.

This piece is quilted with wire!  Oh, my!  And that circle is copper wire that has been spiraled.

Mica!  New ideas!  It can be sewn through!  Oh yes! Windows potential!

Copper turns blue.........and purple!  

My leaves on a piece of bark from my river birch.  Now I need to preserve my bark so it won't crumble........I need another class!

One of my leaves.  So  I need that hammer too, oh no.....more tools!

Fire blacked leaf, hammered and shaped.

this is a piece of copper, shaped to a cone, and wire mesh made over it. 

When I came home with two days worth of work and showed everyone, it seemed like such a small amount of work for two days packed full of exciting things.  But it was an incredible learning experience every second.

We watched techniques then had hands on work time.  It was a prefect mix of both.

Definitely seek this lady out for classes.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Avante Story

I will post the second half of the Metals Workshop later.   I have a funeral to attend this morning.  But do look at the last post to see the first day of Mary H.

But I wanted to tell you about the visit from Bill the HandiQuilter Tech.  He came in the midst of everything this weekend on Sunday morning.  Frank was home to greet him and make sure they dogs didnt bothr him.  He always has treats for them in his bag.

He reset the timing, tweaked the tension to get a good solid stitch and found that the base on the track was loose.

So he and Frank took the machine off the bed and tightened up all the screws.  When they replaced it he made sure he made sure it was parallel to the track.

When they turned it on it ran like a charm!  So many things affect the way the machine works. 

I hope to have some time this weekend to work on the quilt that has been on the frame for a while!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

8 Racks of Ribs and a Metal Working Class

My cousin Jason and his wife and their together 5 kids all flew in from Colorado and will convene at Carrie's house tomorrow.  I make the most incredible ribs so they wanted my ribs.  Thinking ahead, I gave the recipe to Carrie with instructions NOT to give it out to anyone.  And she was supposed to make my ribs.  She did a practice run two weeks ago and pronounced them not nearly as good as mine.  Hmmmmmmm.

So the job went back to me.  Of course, what would you expect from a person who gets her mother and mother-in-law to make Thanksgiving dinner!  That's OK, I get to keep the title of the Best Ribs Ever!

So now that 4 racks of the magnificent rib slabs are in the oven and the other 4 are ready to pop in in 2 hours I can tell you about my incredible day in the Metal Working workshop.

I took pictures all day, just for you!

Mary Hettsmansperger has been in all the major and minor magazines, she has been juried into SAQA and so many other places we all admire. 

Michael and I sat at a table together and he made fun of my tool kit.  He called it Sissy tools, I call them ZEBRA!

This was the array of metals she gave us to manipulate.  Copper of several weights, brass, the hemp is mine and somehow got into the photo.  Some of the metals were thick and some were so thin they draped like fabric.  You can sew through about half of these babies.

We used butane burners with self starters.  Our Mary who set up the
classes, was paranoid the whole time that someone was going to burn the building down! 

Here is a copper foil with flux.  It becomes almost iridescent in places. 
 Here are some copper sheets cut, fluxed, burned and beaten with hammers.  The coil is a steel wire beaten to within an inch of its life with a mallet head that had patterns embedded in it.

This is a copper mesh burned.  Half of it is original.

And here we wove a thin copper foil with basket weaving materials.  We WOVE metal!

We burned batting (outside) and we put embossing powder on metals and burned them. 

 This is a metal sheet that has been sewn through using a regular sewing machine like we all have in our sewing room! 

These are some of the things I burned, beat and made.

Do you remember the leaves I skeletonized?   they are just perfect here!  

Mary H discharges dark fabrics, dyes light fabrics and Rusts amazing things easily.

I want to be her!  I do so want to be her!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Metal Working

I am so excited!  I will be swamped this weekend but with all good stuff.

Jason and Carrie and their 5 boys (remember ALL those quilts?) are in town and we will get together at Carrie's on Sunday afternoon for my famous ribs.  I am cooking 8 racks of ribs for dinner.  

We will have Jason's wonderful mom, Diana and her husband Rodney (who has the Cajun Band we will be seeing on Tuesday night with the gang) and Carrie's in-laws Fayne and Bobby. 


I also have a metal working seminar all day both Saturday AND Sunday.   So I will be very busy in there during the day.  I guess I am going to have to hop out early Sunday afternoon and get stuff out to Carrie's for the dinner.  I am going to cook the ribs but Andrew will finish them off on the grill right before eating.

At least I don't have to clean my house!  Carrie was supposed to call me on Thursday to let me know what else I needed to do, but she didn't so she is on her own now.  I can't do any more at this point.

I will take wonderful photos for you to see the amazing things we do.  The class is through CFAL (Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana) (of which I am a member).  The instructor's name is Mary
Hettsmansperger and her work can be found at:


Well, she really doesn't have a website, per se.  But she does have a book. Or three.

Amazing stuff, really.  I am excited, like I said.  

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whew! Sorry I have been missing for two days

I have been working feverishly on two of my photo books from past trips.  One was from 2014 when we went on the Alaskan cruise with Carrie and Andrew.  The other was the April 2015 trip to the Wedding of my Cousin Jason.

He is the one with the 2 boys who married the girl with the 3 boys.  I just remembered I did not put in

a page with the quilts I made for all the boys!

I am tired since I have had two early days.  Yesterday Frank was out of the house by 5:30 AM to make a meeting and this morning I had to be up and ready for 7:30 AM for the guys to put in my pot rack.

I gave Frank an appropriate amount of time to do it and called Robert, my handy dandy handyman.  He did it with a smile!

 And this cute guy lost his battle with me and the parsley.  I wondered why it was looking so bad, but figured it was due to the heat.  I hope he enjoyed it while he was on it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tusday Sewing At the Water's Edge

  1.  I  was at Paula's today doing some sewing on my REME Guild's Black and White Challenge.  I plan on winning this one!  I have been perusing books and the internet and Pinterest to find the most perfect idea for this challenge.  And I found it.
  2. I have no idea why all of a sudden I have numbers appearing on my blog post.  Maybe that is the most amazing thing of today.  Yes, it is. Hmmm.
  3. And I can't get the numbers to stop, so dear readers, adjust like I am.
  5. Boy this is annoying.
  7.  Anyway.  My sewing is going to be unavailable for photos until the challenge is over.  I can't show my amazing idea lest someone else use it and I don't win.  Names are everything, you know.
  8. I did do another asterisk yesterday.  After I went out and bought another rotary cutter.
  10. And I made another block for the Charity quilt for the Church that lets us use their room for our Similar to Bonnie Hunter Club.   Or whatever the name of it is.
  11.  I have a quilt meeting tonight 
  12. It is so hot here.  We finally got some rain yesterday.  And we had a 5 minute drizzle about 20 mintes ago.  It just served to make it humid and hot now.
  14. The book I am listening to is At The Water's Edge (Click to see it) by Sara Gruen who wrote Like Water For Elephants.  It is about the son of the man who took the photo of the Loch Ness Monster.  People believe he faked it, so his son is trying to prove the existence

    of the monster.  It is set in the middle of the war in Europe and they have arii raids and rationing.  It is interesting to listen to all the accents of the Highland people.  
  18.  You will also have to adjust to the photos being where they are since 
  19. Blogger won't let me move them where I want. 

Art Abandonment Project is Such a Meaningful Part of My Life

 I have talked about this before but it may have been a while.  There is a group of artists across the world who create pieces of art and then abandon them in various places where others will find them.

There is a facebook group where we put the projects and places and if someone writes in saying they found something it gets posted to the group files.  It is quite heartwarming to read some of those replies.  It is interesting to see how a simple piece of art can touch someones life.

I used to do it a lot, and it goes in cycles.  One time this lady wrote in and said how she had not been able to find a job in months, and her child support stopped coming and she got evicted and was living with a friend.  But she found a zip pouch I had left hanging in a tree by a parking lot and had a feeling that someone cared.  And actually liked her.

It was so impacting to me that I have continued to do it.

I don't often get a reply.  Most people don't know what to do or don't have access to a computer or are afraid I might contact them in some way.  I guess.

Check out Art Abandonment and see some of the fabulous pieces that are abandoned.  You will be amazed at some of them.

Here is the facebook link  Art Abandonment

At first it feels strange, heck, even after 5 years it still feels like I am stealing something rather than leaving something.  But when I walk away from a piece I always feel wonderful.  there is nothing like it.

Try it.  There are several options for cards that can be left with your abandoned art.  And it really doesn't matter what your art is......beads, earrings, fabric scraps sewn together in a mat or pouch, drawings, pencil cases, watercolor, whatever.

Let us know  what you abandon and if you get a response back!