Monday, January 26, 2015

The Test Was Interesting

I arrived and was sent to the cashier check in.  She  checked all my info, made the appropriate changes. 

And we discussed what the insurance told me.  She said they would not send my chart back to the sonographer until I paid my portion.  So I was right, Cigna!  Cigna told me that I would not pay anything at all up front.

the interesting thing was that while Cigna could not tell me what I would be asked to pay, the Imaging Center told me that my portion would be $8.32.

Neither me nor the cashier could believe it.  She said, usually the patient doesn't pay LESS.

Well, that still remains to be seen, they will be billing me what is leftover no matter what the upfront cost was.  The cashier did say that the cost of the test would be determined at some future point.  So I am thinking the $8.32 was the cost of the visit rather than the test.
Rotolo's Pizzeria
Still not sure how it will all work out, but I did have a nice lunch with Frank at Rotolos where I had good pizza..........just sayin'

This Is a Test

This is the first test of the insurance in 2015.  I have an ultrasound every year before I see my general surgeon, Kenny.  I babysat him years ago......

My brother had thyroid cancer a couple years ago and they found similar things in mine.  However, they are not cancer. And it is working perfectly well, we just make sure no changes have occurred.

thyroid-diagram.jpg - istockphotoI generally go to the Imaging Center and pay anywhere from $90 to $400 for the same test in the same place once a year.  So  with the new rules in the same insurance, I talked to the insurance company this morning.  And they can't tell me how much I will have to pay.  They said they have a contracted price, but the center has to do the service, not charge me anything, bill the insurance, THEN collect the difference from me.  Which no  one knows what it will be.

This does not sound easy.

Then I go to my surgeon's page on my insurance, they say my portion now is $71.  It was a $50 co-pay before. Geez.  I have that appointment next week.

So before I complain (too much!) I will see what they are going to charge me today.  I cannot imagine them not asking me for money and just seeing how much the insurance will pay.  I am pretty sure, even though the insurance compay ASSURED me just this moning that I would not have to pay anything!

The changes in the insurance we have had for 26 years now are so indescribable.  I say that because they really can't describe what they will do.   Frank's company is self insured but they have Cigna administrating it.  They made changes according to the changes in the Obamacare laws.  I am here to say, it is not a good thing for us.

In addition to that, this is considered a "Cadillac" plan and we are being taxed 40% of the value of the insurance.  Talk about a redistribution of wealth.  Get your education, get a good job, move up in the company and make a decent living.......then share it with those who didn't work as hard.

And yes, it got more expensive for the premiums as well.

We shall see.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bad Pizza and Good Stash

Did you ever think you would hear those words together?  We had it today however, yes we did.

We ordered an East Coast Pizza at Bistro Italia which has pepperoni, italian sausage and mushrooms on two kinds off cheese.  Sounds good, right?  I asked for no onions or to cook the onions well since I am allergic to raw onions. I think the cook was ticked off by that request because the pizza came out piled high with chicken and the onions were nearly raw!  Chicken?

Give me Rotolo's or Isabella's Pizza any day!  I will not go anywhere again!  And it is a shame since he is my friend's son. 

Ann and I finally had a chance to  have dinner and she gave me some Birthday presents!  I am still celebrating!  The most fascinating thing was a bean plant in a coke can type container that has Happy Birthday imprinted on its leaves.  I watered it and hope to see a sprout in a day or so.  I am really interested in this one!

I used a fair amount of fabric on the Randomness quilt and the binding of the UnReferenced Quilt.

Used this week -5.5 Used this month -16.75 Used this year -16.75
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 28 Bought this year 28
Plus or minus -5.5 Plus or minus 11.25 Plus or minus 11.25

Friday, January 23, 2015

Randomness Top Complete

Got the blocks all together.  The blocks are 6 1/2 inches and the sashing is 2 1/2 so at 7 x  7 I used 49 of the 50 blocks.

Final dimensions are 58 x 58.  Square....harumph.

Actually I miscounted and had two left over.  No matter what I used all but about 11 blocks.

9 were more pink than anything so I can use them in a baby quilt for Carrie's friends.

If anyone ever has a girl!

I will look for a back over the weekend and get it on the long arm frame!

Good to clear out that space!  I think it looks cool!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Impetus for Randomness

I need an impetus to finish things that no longer interest me.  In that vein, I have invented a way to make myself do them!  It will clear out about 6 UFOs.

My nephew, well actually he is my cousin.  He is the son of my favorite boy cousin and grew up calling me Aunt Glenda.  His father and I were very close all of our growing up years.

Terry loved flying.  He became a pilot and flew commercial planes rather than passenger planes.  He would qualify on bigger and bigger planes, always flying.  He went though 3 marriages but never fell out of love with the sky. 

I still miss him, he had a heart attack in the Rome airport taking possession of his next flight.  Fitting, very fitting. He was where he wanted to be.

His son lives in Colorado now.  In July Jason is getting married to Carrie who is a dentist.  Together they have 5 kids, all boys!

So I figure I can pull together 5 boy quilts and a wedding quilt for the two of them!  Isn't that a lofty goal?

Here is number 1.  The blocks are a collection of years of randomly sewing together fabric from the scraps.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I have 50 that aren't girly girly.

Here are 24 blocks together so far.  I  am probably going to have to make a few more, I think I will need 64.  Each section is 4 by 4 or 16. But if I can do 8 by 7 it would be 56.  I think 8 by 6 would be too small.

Whew -- All that math!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eco-Bundle Red

I put a second eco-bundle together this afternoon using the same silk and

beets (should do well as it totally stained my hands)

onion skins (they were white onions so I am not sure what that will do)

blood oranges  and avocado skins.

Yes, I had to eat two avocados for art's sake.........

And I took my walnut shells and acorns, beat them into submission with a meat beater and put them into a pot to boil.  They are not sitting outside "steeping". 

Them immediately turned a nice dark brown.......

Lots of nice happy things happening. 

If you take the center of the acorns and dry them, then grind them, you can make a very bitter flour that is edible.

Interesting stuff.

52 Photos - Week 38 - Teal

This week Belle's prompt is a color.  I was secretly hoping she would make it sunset since I have these beauties from my birthday on Saturday.  There is no teal in that sunset though!

Teal seems to be the "it" color now.  Carrie has filled her house with it.  All the new fabric lines are coming out in teal.  Lois' shirt on Family Guy is teal, which I never thought of before.  I wonder if she ever really washes that shirt, seems she wears it every week.

There is nothing in my yard that is teal.  Nor my house.  Nor my shirt.   I guess we are not really modern. 

I do have teal fabric, though!  You know me, I always can produce fabric in whatever color you can name (and then some).......

I am so into foxes right now.  And these cuties are one of my favorite pieces.  I wonder what makes foxes so fabulous?