Monday, July 6, 2015


Wow!  Who knew that using more than you bought would be such a foreign concept to some people?

I have to get a handle on some of these great piles of fabrics though, I think I now have more than I will ever use in the rest of this lifetime.  And I am not sure how to leave it to my reincarnated self in the future.  Burying it is not really an option.  Leaving it to Carrie is huge mistake.  She will just put it on Ebay!

Sigh, use it or lose it, I guess.

Here is the finished Fireworks quilt.  Top, quilt top.  Sorry.  Not the finished quilt.  I am in the process of putting pieces of fabrics together for the back.  I already have the binding ready.  I used some of the fireworks fabric that was intended for the original quilt borders.

Can you see what I did to fill in for the missing blue run?  Did I make another?  Can you see it?

And I have the four 4 color strips that were intended for the original inner borders.  I have an idea for a modern quilt that will  be interesting.

Not sure what I will do with the quilts yet.  Like I really need MORE quilts.  Maybe everyone will get a quilt for Christmas this year.

Might just happen this year.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Nudging Up Against 100 Yards

This week was a slow week,  but I made some zip pouches, put hanging sleeves on 3 quilts for the show in August and did the final border on my Modern Robin piece for Monday.

Used this week -4.25 Used this month -16.25 Used this year -99.5
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 13 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -4.25 Plus or minus -3.25 Plus or minus -32.25

I was disappointed to see myself so close to using 100 yards and just bumping up to it.   I am SURE I will make the milestone next week though!

Fireworks on th 4th of July

I fell in love with this quilt a lot of years ago.  Like in 2005 or so.

It was in a magazine.  And I ordered it.

And put it together for a while.  I taught my mother to paperpiece a couple of blocks, but she was not really able to do much.  Alzheimer's, you know. 

Got tired of it when things were not lining up well.

Put it aside.

I pulled it out a few times over the years, saw where it was wonky in some blocks.  Put it back into the bag.

I pulled it out yesterday and just blew over the wonky blocks.  I hacked some of the points off to make them more square.  Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

I got all the blocks on the wall.  Except one piece.  A blue run.

Cannot find one block part anywhere but I suspect there was a bag of blue that got lost somewhere over the years of being moved around and shoved aside.  I can find all the other colors but not the blues even to make another one.

I decide to use plain black centers rather than the fireworks fabric from the original kit.

I put all the blocks together, except for that missing part one. Since they didn't all match up properly, I used some of my 1 inch black strips left over from the last thing.

It still needs the pieced border. But I can get that done today. 

I like it.  And it is a part of a pile that got moved and finished.  To the top stage, anyway.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Nina Marie Got Me Thinking

In her Off The Wall Friday post she talks about rejection.  Rejection when your quilt doesn't make it into the show.  Or just the rejection you get from yourself.  I love her solution to being rejected.  Take the power in your own hands, don't leave it to others.

It hit me that, well, of course I do all that to myself and let others close to me do it as well.  Just like all of us, I think it is human nature to question ourselves and let ourselves be questioned.  Just then, McGee trotted by with another piece of fabric.

He is the original persevering icon.  If we needed a  poster boy for Perseverance, he would be it.

He tried to get into the pantry and we put a child lock on it.  He didn't mind, once he decided he no longer could get into the pantry, he tried the drawer with the pots in it.  I bungied the drawer to the top drawer, and he moved to the cabinet that held the dog treats.  I rubber banded the handles together, and he moved to another cabinet. 

This went on for two years.  Each time he got a little win before I shut him down.  He never got discouraged.  He never was unhappy.  He never tried to leave. 

He just looked around, hiked up his ears, and adjusted.

What a great lesson for those of us who face rejection.  However hard it might be. 

And how we go forward, how we think of ourselves, how we look at our world is totally impacted by how we deal with the rejection we receive in both life and quilting.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Five Blocks For Charity Quilt Are Done

I present to you, for your consideration........

Five blocks for the kids charity quilt from the Bonnie Hunter Look Alike Club.........Can't remember exactly what the name of that group is, but they use Bonnie Hunter's patterns and lots of scraps.

I have already turned in two blocks.

The previous two I turned in looked sort of disjointed.   But seeing these five together, I really like the look of the quilt that will be.

And Mary, Frank is STILL working on the thermostat.  Yep.  Good thing we have a holiday weekend going on..........

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Avante Is Working Again

Big thing I learned today was that you should always unplug your machines from the wall when you are not using them.  Even using a surge protector will not always protect them.  Best to unplug!

I brought my Avante to the dealer's shop on Friday a week ago because:

1.  it needed its yearly clean and retool
2.  the hopping foot was acting strange on the last 8 inches of the Skele-biker quilt.....remember that?

Well, it was a set screw that held the flywheel on track that fell out  and was lazing around the housing.

So Frank and I go pick it up on Saturday morning.  We go home and plug in the three plugs and ......


So I call Margaret and she sets up the Tech guy to come to my house today and see what is going on.

He looked at it, gave the dog a treat, opened up the motor deck, gave the dog a treat, plugged in the dangling plug, gave the dog a treat, plugged in the machine and turned it on. 

It worked!!!!  Whew!  Better than having to buy a new and expensive computer for that machine!

And Chloe LOVED the treats!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Misty Morning Birthday

Sometimes it is beautiful in the morning here in Louisiana.

This is a photo of the lakes around the LSU Campus early in the morning, by bike.  The birds in the tree are cormorants.

When the cormorants get in the water, they like sink just below the surface.  Cool.  They are cool birds.  They dive.

Today was Carrie's 30th birthday.  I can't believe my baby is 30!  We had dinner of fruit salads and homemade Birthday Peach Pie and Ice Cream celebration desserts.

I gave her 6 bags of organic soil and two pillows for her outside patio furniture. 

Odd, I know.  But she wanted the soil and the pillows were so pretty!

She went home a happy girl!