Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silent Prismacolor Pencil Case

Well, not a case, per se.  More of a Wrap.

We talked about the Zentangles before, or have we?  Anyway, I have gotten into the groove of doing some drawing after I get out of my bath at night.  It is meditative and restful to sit in my vibrating bed, raise up the head and do these drawings.

I try to get one done each night. Or at least practice a new technique each night.  There are always so many new techniques and drawings.

One thing I found was the noise was disruptive to Frank, who falls asleep within 5 seconds of getting in bed every night.  Noisy?  Yes, I keep the pencils in a Christmas tin.  Rattling them around trying to find the red pencil or the eraser was pretty noisy.

So today I made a Silent Pencil Wrap.  There are a lot of tutorials all over the web, but this is how i did mine.

I took two fat quarters, made sure they complimented each other in color, and added some really thin soft batting.  I layered batting, then #1 fat quarter face up, then #2 fat quarter face down.

I sewed all around the edges, leaving about 4 inches open to turn it inside out.

I trimmed the batting close to the seam.

I turned it inside out.  Top stitched one of the long edges.  This will become the bottom edge.

I turned up the bottom edge about 5 inches.  Remember, this is the long side of the fat quarters.  This is where I added the ribbon I forgot to add earlier when I did the first seam!  The ribbon just goes on one side, either side.  It worked out just fine.  Fold the ribbon in half and put the fold just inside the seam.  The ends of the ribbon will float about freely until needed.  Just be careful not to sew then into a seam or two.

Sew a top stitch up the short side, across the top and down the other side.

Now gather the stuff you want to wrap up in this thing.  These will determine how wide you will sew the pockets.  I had a ruler and a lot of pencils and inking pens.  Sew these pockets.

And you are done!  Fill it with your stuff.

Of course, McGee came over and claimed it while I was photographing it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Ash Wednesday

I totally forgot to wish you a Happy Mardi Gras yesterday.  New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner shut down, but we don't here in Baton Rouge.  And for people who work for national companies, it is just another workday.

When Frank worked for the various incarnations of Dresser they would secure a place on St Charles Avenue and cordon off a street corner to set up port-a-potties, food and an open bar.  They would have customers meet them down there. From that corner they would catch the three big Mardi Gras Day parades.

Can't beat that with a stick!!  If you are going to do Mardi Gras, that is the way to go!!  Most people aren't that lucky though.  I would go sometimes, but Frank spent time with his customers and I found it more exciting to stay home and sew.

Like I did yesterday while Frank worked.    At The Quilt Haus I was able to get the 4 quilts trimmed. Well, maybe it was 3.

The Breaking Bad, the T-Shirt Backs, Southwest, The Saint.  Nope, 4.

Sad thing is, I STILL have not reduced my list!   I am just moving them up the ladder!  Still, it is progress.

I have a few tops and backs sitting by the long arm to be quilted.  And I got two borders on the Batik Curves.  I need a cool name for that one so I will have to see what is going on in my world.  Maybe I should call it Hillary's Downward Spiral.

Candy's Ripples Quilt
I can't find a more finished photo, and it is at The Quilt Haus right now.  the pattern is Reflections and I free cut the curves.  While I was making this at the retreat in 2013, Candy was making the exact same quilt called Ripples but using a specific ruler and placing them differently!  There are really no new ideas I guess.  Neither of us were working from a kit, but our fabric selections were very very similar!  She just didn't put the corners on hers.

I am really having to dig deep to find some of the quilt tops buried deep in the recesses of the quilt room!   But they are just as exciting as any of the new ones!  Sometimes even more so!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

T-Shirt Backs

 T shirt backs.

I used to throw them all away.  Until I saw one girl at retreat whose customer wanted her to use all parts of the shirts she could.  So she made a whole second quilt using the backs of the t shirts.  And it didn't break the universe.

So I dug through my garbage cans.  And the bag I was giving to The Purple Cow.

And I dug out a significant number of things that could be used for some quilts.   I think I can get about 3 quilts from the shirts.  This is the first.

I will admit the quilting is not spectacular.  But I wanted it to be fun and large and looping.

I will trim up 4 quilts tomorrow.

And maybe add some borders to 3 more.

Yep, I am all about finishing up some stuff.  Finishing.  Stuff.  Yep.

And I am cold.

(PS - it is so cold here, well like 42, but i blowing the garbage cans around.  It is supposed to get to 30 or less tonight.) 

Cold.  Seriously.  Cold.

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Finish!!!!!

My UFO to do list grows ever longer.  I need more hours in a day.  (gee whilikers, that just auto corrected to whores........ I wonder where THAT came from?)

This finish was not even on the list for some reason!  That just means the list does not get any shorter!  In a separate piece I made the backing that will do for a small kid's quilt I made out of the backs of t shirts and some t shirt like shirts I cleared out of my closet.  It wasn't  on the list either!  Geez.

AND....I have enough for another one, just a bit larger.  And I have some SpongeBob Squarepants fabric for the back!  I am not sure how he spells his name, I always spell mine with a small g.

(No one has ever noticed that............)

AND.........I have this Kaffe fabric quilt but it is small like a baby quilt.  Carrie hated it so I think I will cut it up for a bag.  That gets it out of the closet and maybe someone will want that!  

This morning I was vacuuming and totally inconvenienced my dog.  Poor guy, been there for like an hour.  For having such short legs he sure can jump up on things!

Here is that finish I was referring to:

Elephants!  Baby elephants.  This came from a kit I bought locally after I saw the fabric and fell in love.   Turns out it was in one of the quilt magazines and the shop had gotten the fabric and kitted it up in a nice ribbon-y package!  An I had to buy the magazine just to get the pattern.  It is so simple I could certainly have designed it myself, but I like magazines. 

Frank watched the Super Bowl last night and I was in the back watching the 600-lb Life and doing the binding work.  I really don't like sewing bindings on, and they are kinda piling up.  If I don't sew bindings I will never have any finishes, so I needed to get motivated.  So I got motivated and bound those Elephants.  

They are from, like, 4 years ago.  

I love love love the quilting I did, I am soooooo good at Elephants!!!!!!

It is a panto from Urban Elementz.  

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another UFO Quilted (and a brick!)

Started in 2012.......put aside and forgotten.

Quilted in long will it take me to bind the poor thing?

I am thinking this one will go to Malaki.

As you can see, my quilting is not always straight.  Straight lines are really hard.  Really, really hard.  Really.

Here is the next brick installment for Fayne........this one is way too cute, almost stinkin' cute!

If you see a crab this big, RUN!   And get the BIG pot boiling.

This house must be in India....seeing as the family dog is an elephant!

A Stash Report and a Movie Review

Earlier this year we found the Movie Tavern.  I am in love with the fact that I no longer have to waste time just watching a movie, I can eat too!

We have never been big movie goers, or watchers at home either.  That said, I can show you Frank's office and you would think movies were our lives.  He has too much money on his hands and a finger poised on the purchase button at Amazon.  He has nearly two walls of movies. 

How many has he watched?  Very few, but he owns them!

But when the Movie Tavern came to town and served food, they had me. 

So we headed there for lunch today.  I sat in the nice soft reclining chair, pushed back, ordered me a Dr. Pepper and some Sliders and settled in for a funny movie.  That is not what I had.

Oh, yes, the Dr. Pepper and the Sliders, but the funny movie.........well.  In fact it might have been the stupidest movie I have ever seen.  Yep. Ever.  In my lifetime and my parent's lifetimes and my grandparent's lifetimes.  I don't think movies go back further than that.

When the movie ended, I was surprised......I  was still waiting for the plot to develop.  Or at least for the movie to get one.

As the credits rolled I turned to Frank, sort of stunned, and said, "I think that was the stupidest movie I have ever seen."  The theater erupted in laughter, it was the funniest line in the movie!

Oh, the movie was Hail, Ceasar! with George Clooney, Josh Brolin....and a host of other Hollywood biggies.  My question was simply, WHY?????

There was a pretty good recreation of the Sailor's Bar Room Dance in Anchors Aweigh.  Made me want to go out and find a sailor.

Sigh.......I could have been home with the dogs and quilting!  Or even cleaning something.

My stash report this week is the accumulation of the fabric for the At The Zoo top, the backing for the Breaking Bad quilt and a backing for the Stained Glass quilt I have been hiding from you in a pile on my floor for 2 or 3 years.  I will show it to you soon.  It really is a nice one that I love.  And another one I can't get rid of..........

Used this week -14.25 Used this month -14.75 Used this year -18.75
Bought this week 0.00 Bought this month 20.00 Bought this year 20.00
Plus or minus -14.25 Plus or minus 5.25 Plus or minus 1.25

Still up 1.25 yards, but I am working on it.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Breaking The Rules For Off The Wall Friday

One of my resolutions this year was to play with Nina-Marie more often with her Off The Wall Posts. 

She is an incredible artist.  And when she started her Off the Wall connections I was really excited about being able to connect with some other great artists and quilters as well.

Her post this week is about Breaking The Rules.  In Your Art.  (Not by speeding and flipping off the officer and landing in jail!)  You need to read it. 

So here is my Rule Breaking piece and its story.

I started it maybe 8 years ago in a class by a local quilter named Sherry.  I really like Sherry, who sometimes pushes the envelope herself.  But she never really really breaks out.  One of the things she does is takes interesting quilts and designs them as miniatures.  Her work is impeccable. 

Sherry was doing some radical (for Baton Rouge anyway) work with the Angle Play templates.  And I was way ready to move out of the old ways and into some new and exciting stuff.   She took me for a few steps into that journey!

The Angle Play blocks are interesting, but they are so labor intensive!  You have to have the right template, on the right piece of fabric at the right angle and in the right universe.  So many rules.

And I did not use the traditionally accepted fabrics.  In fact, I even cut  up a skirt that i had made for Carrie that she hated and never wore!  It is the flowers to the left here.  Psychedelic!

The blocks from the class sat around for a while hoping for more blocks to join them.  When that seemed unlikely, at some point in the timeline they got put together into a center and an inner border.  And I found a neat little batik print that  framed the whole thing.

Then further down the timeline, I finally chose a backing.  So now it relocated to the dining room where the long arm resides. That is one way to move it out of the quilt room!

So when I had a wild hair to quilt something, I wanted a simple piece.  I grabbed the Angle Play Stars and snapped it on the frame.  (Love those Red Snappers!)

And I stared at it.  Nothing.

I ended up with a straight line uneven quilting all the way across the quilt.  When I took it off the frame last night, I found it still needed something.  

So I pt it back on in the opposite direction this morning.  I like it now.

In anyone else's hands, it would be gotten curves to offset the straight angular blocks; the thread would have blended with the pieces; and it would have precisely matched to make sure each line was perpendicular every seam.

Well, you know me!  I broke those rules! 

And I have named it Breaking Bad!