Friday, July 25, 2014

Two weeks of physical therapy gone in a flashOkay let me go. I'm ready for my next physical torture sessionOkay I guess I need to go. I need to have my second physical torture session of the day

I've had Zack, the trusty physical torture us to come every day five days a week for the last two weeks. The week he bumps back down to three times a week. And then I go to outpatient therapy my own. Frank has gotten to be a great physical therapist a.k.a. great torturer, himself.

Frank has spent the last two weeks watching Zack torture me and now he is ready to take over for the weekend.  The cellulitis is keeping me from fully extending my leg when I walk. And it is concerning to the physical therapist. Zach the physical therapist I mean.  Seems to think that I should be able to straighten my leg when I walk. So I have extra exercises to do that use gravity to straighten the leg. And they are painful by all accounts.

And it is a certain fact that the area that was affected by the cellulitis is still very intense with nerve jingles.  So I don't know how that's going to end up.  I am hoping that it will eventually stop swelling and straighten up.  Time will tell and I have about a week to get it straight.

Alright I'm ready for my second physical therapy torture session for today.  And then I'm going to take an Ambien and pass out!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Five AM Surprise

Having dogs is wonderful. They're great companions and they do love me so much.  McGee, even though he has his wild downside, he's a great snuggler.  When he wants to sit next to you he just looks at you with these beautiful big eyes. He loves me and I know it. DiNozzo follows me everywhere I go. He can't wait for me to reach down and pet him.  Even Chloe will come and sit next to me when she knows my leg is hurting.  She's a very sensitive dog even though she wants to be in charge of everything now the Bonnie Doon is gone.  And little Hugeaux is an amazing cuddler. He stays out of the way the other dogs and makes sure he can see me where ever he's laying.  He is too sweet.

So this morning at 5 AM I hear Frank in there with the vacuum cleaner and the carpet cleaner.

We knew McGee had been having some tummy troubles last night.  The tummy troubles came up at 5 AM in the form of a mole.

So now  we have a clean spot in the carpet and McGee is sleeping comfortably again.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two week visit with Dr. Gorgeous

Today I have the two weeks post surgery visit with Dr. gorgeous.  My numbers from the physical therapist visit this morning were good. I have less than 5 degrees on the straight which is good toward heading towards zero and I have 104 on the bend which is 4° better than yesterday.  They were pleased with my numbers. They were also pleased with the way the leg looked.

But the best thing was he said that in a few days I can take a shower!  We tend to take these little things for granted. But for the last two weeks I have been washing my hair when it's convenient for Frank, not myself.  I'm not complaining mind you because he actually does a pretty good job at it, but it's one of those things that you give up that's a personal thing.  You give up a lot of personal things. Like the doors in your bathroom because your walker won't fit through unless the door is off!

I should've started out this post with "what are some things that you don't know about me?"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Visitors with exceptional rewards

Frank left for work this morning.  Zach, the PT Guy, generally comes in the afternoon after 2 pm because Frank gets home by then and can get the dogs,out and the front door open.

But for some reason, Zach called at noon and said he'd be over shortly.  I took a pain pill, got DiNozzo and Hugeaux out the back door.  I roused Chloe from her snugly bed and put her out managing to keep DiNozzo out but Hugeaox came in.  I got McGee off the sofa and headed to the door.  Instead he headed to the other sofa.  I shoved him off the sofa and he headed for Chloe's bed.  I tilted the bed and dumped him out and he headed for the original sofa.  I shoved him off the sofa and somehow herded him out the back door without letting either of the two others back inside.  I gave up on Hugeaux and told home to go lay in his bed when the doorbell rang.

By the time Zach started torturing me, the doorbell rang again!  It was Ann with Blizzards from Dairy Queen!  I had a reward for when I finished!

Zach told me I was doing well, I got the bend of the knee to 100 degrees, which is 3 past yesterday.  90 degrees is a goal number and I am past that for this week!!! I am pushing nearly 0 degrees on the straight leg, but I can't walk with the leg straight.  Hmm.....

Pushing pushing pushing!  I can do all the exercises but the one where you lay back and pull the leg bent at the knee back to you hurts beyond belief.  It is the last one we do each time and I always have tears in my eyes.  Involuntary ones, but tears nonetheless.

I an still using my walker but maybe I will graduate to a cane in a week or a half out.  I can't wait!!!

Some rehab sabotage going on here -- sleep, sleep

When I had the nurse visit on Sunday I had asked her to check with the doctors to see if they could give me some Ambien. I had been taking Ambien in the hospital and it really did help me sleep. I am an insomniac and sleep just a couple hours of night every night normally. But with the pain from the cellulitis and the distraction from the covers on the leg I was waking up probably every hour during the night and it was just tearing me up not being able to get any sleep.

The script got called into our pharmacy and Frank went to get it last night. We settled down to watch major crimes.  But I had one more session of physical therapy to do.

 My plans were that I would take the pain pill at eight and do my exercises at nine after major crimes. And I would take the Ambien at bedtime.

At 8 o'clock the pill Frank gave me looked different from the pills that I have been taking. But I took it anyway. In 15 minutes I was falling asleep! He had given me the Ambien instead of a pain pill.

As I did my exercises I would take a break between the various pumps and movements of my leg and I would drift off to sleep. He would have to wake me up to continue on.

I slept till about 3 o'clock this morning. I woke up went to the bathroom, repositioned myself back in bed and went back to sleep.  It was the best nights sleep I've had in a while!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gold stars for getting my lunch by myself

For those of you who thought I might've died you you may have been pretty close. But I didn't, I made it. So here I am at a week and a half and the cellulitis is 90 percent gone. Not totally but about 90%. I still can't stand to have the sheet touch the skin on that leg.

There definitely is a difference between surgery pain and nerve pain. The nerve pain is by far worse. Surgery pain pretty much happens only during physical therapy. And the torture guy who comes every day make sure that I feel that pain.

I haven't ventured outside yet with the exception of sitting in the backyard in the sun. But I might try that this week.  Dairy Queen may be beckoning.

My leg hurts "normally" now.  Except for the nerve pain when I have a sheet or pants touching the skin still.  Odd, but pain driven still.

I have one more physical therapy session tonight with Frank before I can sleep. And my leg is still sore from the one this afternoon with Zack. This is the tedious part of recovery.  I still can't straighten my leg out when I walk yet but hopefully that will come in this next week when the swelling continues to go down.

Today Frank went to work. I was self-sufficient for 4 1/2 hours for the first time in two weeks. That means I got up and went to the bathroom by myself. I got my lunch into the microwave by myself. I let the dogs in and out. I let the nurse come in. And I got my own refill for my water.  It felt like I was two years old and had gotten a gold star for doing well!!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Life Changed

Today they bury a dear friend of mine.  Our beloved travel companion Patsy Perrington.  She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer less than a month ago.  She didn't make it to her first chemo at Johns Hopkins.  Chuck
is devastated.  We are shocked, once again, at the sudden loss of a close friend.

I am so lucky, my memories of patsy are those surrounded by incredible scenery, beautiful skies.........and Chuck.  We teased her because on one of the trips the cruise line misprinted her name as Pasty.  In Skagway Alaska,
she leaned in to look at something in a shop window and banged her head
so hard she nearly knocked herself out.  On another cruise she felt bad so much that she slept in the cabin for much if the day.  She was diagnosed with diabetes after she got home and she retired from her job as RN at the Randolf County Prison.

Her heart was huge.  She had such a loving nature.  And there was never a doubt that she and Chuck loved each other deeply.

We laughed nonstop when we were with them.  She had the most
beautiful laugh, uniquely Patsy.  She sounded like Dolly Parton when she talked, a true native of North Carolina.

When we called Chuck this afternoon, Patsy's daughter answered the phone.  My heart skipped a beat, because she sounded just like my beloved friend!

My heart is incredibly empty.  And I am unable to fly to be there with her.

I will never take another vacation that I will not think of her or truly wish she were there with me.