Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday?

Is it Wednesday already???  OMG!  Where is the time, where is the time?  I fell like Alice and the Rabbit who is saying, I am late, I am late, I am late for a very important date!  Of  course he is supposed to meet with the Queen of Hearts who keeps ordering her cards around yelling OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

I have a few people I would like to Off Their Heads!  I keep getting phone calls for a Shawn Davis.  No idea who that is.  About his credit card.  They have my cell number and my home number. I got so frustrated yesterday, I was finally able to get a human on the phone.  Maybe they will stop now.  I sort of threatened them.........

Carrie and Andrew had some exciting news yesterday, but nothing that requires a quilt.  So don't jump to any conclusions.

First to Pilates then home to work on my Louisiana traveling quilt!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Finish to Report and the Week Ahead on the Design Wall Monday

KerBloom! is now finished.   I spent the last 2 hours and 40 minutes sewing the binding on.  I watched the Amazing Race and the Good Wife.  I love the Good Wife.  And nearly 3/4 the way through the Mentalist.

My standard Sunday Night Fare.

The great thing about finishing KerBloomm! is that I get to claim the quilt and the backing on both my next week's Stash Report AND my OPAM for April.  Which means I am at 14 completions for the year, and I am right on track for One Project A Month for the first quarter of 2014.  Yes!

My week's work will be to complete the quilting on the Star quilt, which needs a really dynamite   name.  I am doing ruler work which is slowing me down.  I should have done Meandering Stars and it would be done by now.  but I wanted to practice with my channel locks on the wheels.  If I would have realiz
ed that that only works on the four small corners and that all the stars require angled lines, I could have rethought the process and made a different choice.

See where I forgot to lock the rollers?  It made the quilt skew and the sewing line was skewed as well.

The other thing I wanted to get accomplished this week is to finish up Sunshine on the Water for the Fiber Group.  And I need to put the borders on the Machine Quilt and get that ready for the frame.  I already have the backing!

That will be a nice finish to report on my Stash Report as well!

Stash Report 4-13-14

I  busted the fabric store!

I needed a backing for the Star quilt so I could put it on the frame and finish it up.
I needed more of the grey green for the Tea Towel.
I needed all of the batik for the Mystery Quilt Challenge!

Almost 20 yards added.  Luckily, my numbers could support that.  And I made sure all of the fabric I bought had a purpose!  I hope it will all be so!

Here are the raw figures:


Used this week -0.5
Used this month -0.5 used this year -65.5
bought this week 19.875
bought this month 19.875 bought this year 41.875
plus or minus 19.375
plus or minus 19.375 plus or minus -23.625

Saturday, April 12, 2014

TNT Class and Buying More Fabric

Yes, I admit I have bought a significant amount of fabric in the last week.   But there are specific uses for those pieces I purchased. 

For example, I took a road trip toJ&B Quilting in Lafayette this morning. All I bought was 2 yards of that particular grey green for the Tea Towel Quilt I can find nowhere else in the entire world. 

And I needed a back for the star quilt.  It requires 4 yards and I really don't have those large pieces in my fabric collection.  On top of that, it was an odd blueish blue greenish green.  Not one or the other.  So I got an odd blueish greenish blue green for the back.

So that is six yards incoming.  But I can put the Star on the frame now and claim both the front and the back as used when I finish it up. 

And I can continue to work on the Tea Towel Quilt and get that done. 

And I had nothing for the River City Mystery Quilt.  So I ordered in some batiks to fill that gap.  I envisioned it in batik and had none.  So now I have 5.5 extra yards for that as well.  Of course it arrives the day I get 5.5 yards from J&B in Lafayette!

How smart was that????

About  the TNT Class at Quilt Corner in Central.  I am doing a right bit of traveling, aren't I???  And I am the one who hates traveling!   Go figure, the call of fabric is strong!

The Thread, Needles, Tension class was a good one.  Not as much about tension as I would have liked, but I did learn some things.  If you get a chance to take a class on thread and tension, I say go for it.  there were some things I was confused about on setting up the machine and this cleared up somme misgivings as well.

It was good.


Friday, April 11, 2014

TNT class

Joni helped me with the title of the class.  Thread, needles and Tension!!!

I am off to see the world beyond Sherwood Forest blvd and Jones Creek Road!!!!

Stop in later to see my evaluation of the class.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Buggy Barn Dogs Completed

What I wanted this quilt to be is exactly what it is.  Three dogs.  Crazy dogs.  On a quilt.  Playing nicely.

I love the colors, the dogs, the modern quilting and the entirety of it all.

It is now in the finished column.

These photos were taken on the sundial my father made.  He copied it from the one at the Mississippi Rest Stop on I-10.  He loved it and decided to recreate it.  When he died I wanted to put it on his grave but the cemetery didn't allow above ground things.  Imagine that in New Orleans.  So it sits in my yard as my reminder of his love of his garden.  It is one of the good things I know about him.

These were taken in my River Birch tree as it begins to turn into a green leafy profusion.  See my deck in the back of it? I love that deck.  It is cool in the shade even in the heat of the summer.

The quilting was done on my Husqvarna Domestic.   Not sure what to call the pattern, I think I invented it.  However, I most likely saw a design that sparked the idea of it somewhere.

It reminds me of pods of a plant of some sort.  Very modern, it suits the wonkiness of these dogs.

The back is a weird pinkish fabric, that has noting to do with the front colors.  Why I chose that I will never know.  Crazy.

Not sure what the name will be, but it will reflect the three crazy idiots who own me!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beads and Their Friends

My new-found craft love is beads.  Not to make jewelry, no interest in that.  I like  the idea however, to put beads on quilts.

I was just looking at some things that beading people use and came across some things you probably didn't even know existed!  I didn't.  But they are certainly brilliant!

Bead Spinner?  Yes, beads just want to have fun too!  The bead spinner is ingenious.  It spins beads so you can easily get them on your needle.  It looks like something in which you would clean your dentures.  I will admit, it is tedious to get enough beads on your needle so that you can bead a 72 x 84 quilt.  When I get that quilt completely beaded I will show it to you.  If you are still alive.

Bottles.  Lots and lots of little bottles in which to keep your lots and lots of  little beads.  Don't you  just love these bottles?  I must have a thing for bottles too that I didn't know  about.  See how perfect beading is for me?  Knitting just wasn't like this at all.  I want these bottles just because of the way they look.  Don't you?  Look at that shapely curve, that cork, the way they look good even on their sides! 

Then there are the needles. A whole new set of  needles.  These needles are totally different from sewing needles.  Sewing needles are nice and sturdy.  But beading needles are thing and longer.  the thread you use is different.  So that requires a totally new set of accoutrements and accessories.  Nice!   I was running out of fabric to buy.

Here is something else you could use your seed beads for.  These guys are similar to seed beads in an adhesive like a bandaid.  It attaches to acupressure points and when you have pain you push on them.  They relieve pain using pressure points.  These go on your ear and relieve all kinds of things. 

When I was going to Ching she would put these on my ear.  Believe it or not, it actually helped my migraines.

You may want to try it.  But don't walk around with beads taped all over your body.  I will laugh at you.