Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stash Report and Jersey Shores

I have just a little usage, but I am debating on when to claim the usage from Jersey Shore.  What the heck, I am going for it!  As you can see my total went up, way up.  That is from the two bolts of Kona, a grey one and a black one, I ordered from Mary.  I figured like this:  in a month and a half my totals will all reset to ZERO and I can start with a clean slate.  Besides, I can always use black and grey!   And they were dirt cheap!!

I wanted to use up some of the boxes and boxes of scraps I have around here.  So I thought I would do this quilt I have wanted to do for a long time.  But the funny thing was I used less than a yard of scraps and 6 yards of white!  Geez.  I need to do a negative of this quilt now, with the background as scraps and the circles as white.  That would use significant amounts of scrappies!  I think I will do that next week.

Used this week -8.5
Used this month -15.5 used this year -153.75
bought this week 30
bought this month 30 bought this year 215.75
plus or minus 21.5
plus or minus 14.5 plus or minus 62

It has grown to this. Six of the circles are all sewn together in a 2 x 3 layout.  It is on my NEW king sized vibrating bed!  And the room is not really as messy as it looks in this picture.........and the bed really doesn't look that big.  The room is large, maybe that is a deal. 

The quilt you see  under it is a New Year's Day Mystery Quilt from Planet Patchwork.  She gives a clue each hour all day long so you can quilt while the men are watching boring football.  I do one every year.

The yellow one at the bottom is a Judy Laquidara pattern called Connect the Dots.  I call it African Women Give Rocks.  It is fairly large and McGee ate a hole in it that I still have to fix. 

I had to stand on a ladder to get the photos.

I wanted to see if I could get away with just doing six.  But it looks a lot better with 9 of the circles.  Six is just too narrow, I would have to add a center row and some side rows.  Which wouldn't be bad, just not what is in my head.

Although now that I am talking about it, I can see it in my head.........

Anyway, here are the two photos.  It is about 85 inches long (and wide with 9 circles). 

And no, it will not go on this bed.  I need something rich and dark and red and black and gold. 

Frank seems to like it.  He keeps talking about the quilting and how it will show up.  Like he is an authority on things.  Just sayin'.......

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two Finishes for OPAM - Brings Total to 33

Can you believe that my LQS does not have a SINGLE dog fabric?????  I was aghast.  Not a single one could they come up with.  So I settled for the tiny paw prints sans Siamese Cats that I used for Cousin Karen's Duffel Bag.  They have cats too, so that is not a problem, and I had no more of the Siamese Cat fabric.  I will have to dig down deep and see if I have any


(Which reminds me I need to think HARD about Christmas Presents!)  But I digress.......

A friend is having a birthday party this weekend and I needed a quick but doggy gift.   Just something to wrap up in a bit of tissue paper to say Happy Birthday!

And made a quick journal cover for her.

(I wonder if I can give everyone I know a Journal for Christmas????)

(Or maybe a Tea Wallet!  )  LOL.

(A journal AND a tea wallet!)

PS--Last night I finished the Big Baby Squares for Carrie's friend's shower this weekend.  Cute fabrics and such fun quilting! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Off the Wall Friday

I know there are a lot of posts today.  I have been busy!  And I need to post this today so I can link up to Nina Marie's Off the Wall.  She will be so shocked her socks will fly off into the sky!

Now that I can see again after I had the scar tissue zapped in that left eye, I can see to read books.  So I picked up some of my quilt books I bought through the years.  I like to look at the pictures!  (Come on, I know you do too!)

So I decided to read Elizabeth Barton's Inspired to Design.  I tried taking a Quilt University class with her about 2 years ago, but you really needed to be a trained artist to keep up.  I am not.  I can't draw shading in to save my life.  So I got lost in the details trying to understand it all.  I figured in this book I could take my time, re-read it a dozen times and ask questions of people who knew what they were doing.

One of the exercises Elizabeth suggested was to take a photograph and break it down into a simpler composition.  I took that a step further.

I chose one of the Yosemite photos from our trip in 2010.  The beautiful country gave me a basis for a design that would never have entered my mind.  It flowed in proportion to the spaces around it in an amazing way.  I could never have just put lines on a page and had it look like this.

I want to spend some time in my photo stacks and see what else I can come up with.  I may even try to create a few masterpieces even!

And Then There Were Four

I got two circles completed on the Jersey Shore Hook Ups and we had to leave.

We had a dinner party tonight, delicious food at a very nice Greek Restaurant.  Zorba's recently re-opened here in the city after a 15 year break.  I even love the name of the place. 

After we got home and got the dogs walked, I plugged the machine back in for a few more curves.

I ended up with a total of four completed circles.

A couple of days ago when I was cutting up the pieces of the circles, I was thinking it was going to look lame.  A bunch of disjointed scraps from years of cutting up fabric to make them.  Bu they actually look pretty good against that great white expanse.

And it grew to this!

Jersey Shore Hook Ups -- oops!

Yes, I can srewe up most anything! 

This is what it should look lik when it is finished.  This is not sewn but it might be the only time my block actually lays flat!  LeeAnn assures me I can do this!

Here is my first one.  I had to pull up a video and check which part should be on top.  Once I had that figuredd out I made the first block.  It was OK, a bit out of sorts.  I had to startch it to makke it lie mostly flat. 

But wait......

The second one suffered....a  lot.  I have already taken the bottom pie shape off once and it looks likke it needs a little TLC again.

Startch ain't gonna help this baby!

I held my breath as I picked up a third one.

This time I pinned the heck out of it. 

Better.  Much Better.

Here are all of them together.

Needs work, I know. I wonder if that will quilt out.............

Dog Obedience - Basset Style

I have trained dogs all my life.  It started when my grandfather would take me to the Shriner's Circus in New Orleans and we would go back into the performer's area before the show.  He asked me, how do you think they get an elephant to sit up?  You can't pick it up like you can with a dog.

I puzzled about that question for months, pouring over training books and shows like Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.  I experimented on my dog Coffee.  She was the best trained dog in the neighborhood.  When I taught her everything, I started on the neighbor dogs.  And then branched out into my own company Obedience 101.

That was a lifetime ago.  I trained dogs for 43 years as a professional!

I have been in the ring many many time.  I have won and I have lost.  And I have lost big!  The dog in this video is most likely as well trained as any other dog, but he just has more fun!

This is Bonnie Doon and I in an obedience ring when she just turned a year.  She starts out nice but then fails to sit during the Figure 8 exercise

I can see my beautiful Irish Setter boy doing what the Golden retriever in the video does; he actually did something similar in an obedience ring when he left me to beg a bystander for a bite of hot dog.  You fell like an idiot standing in the ring by yourself.

But it would be a Basset Boyz' heaven!  They would totally LOVE this exercise!

Click  here to see a really happy dog!    Golden retriever Obedience Fail

Jersey Shore Hook Ups Cut Out

I am hooking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall site.  I don't think she lives on the Jersey Shore but she might just be on Lake Erie's shore!  

I spent about 3 hours on Thursday night cutting out the white areas for Jersey Shore Hook Ups.  the blocks should be about 15 inches, or so.  My blocks never turn out square so I am thinking they might be just 14 inches by the time I get through with them.

My throat is sore, and I didn't go on the road trip to the CFAL meeting in Mandeville with the ones who tuned up sick on Wednesday. I wonder what they all did!

It took quite a while to cut up all these pieces.  I needed to add the quarter inch around all the sides.  It required drawing the templates on each fabric group and and cutting the curve on each group.  By hand.   Painstakingly by hand. 

Here they are all stacked up.  I am getting nervous.  They stack up nicely though, don't you think?

Here are the two pieces I spent all that time cutting out.  They look innocuous enough.  For sure.  It sort of looks like it might fit. 

  But when you add the arc it no longer gives the illusion that it will fit.  This is more like something I would cut out!

Tomorrow I will sew a few together.  I probably should have cut only one or two out, so I could trash it if it didn't work.

Hindsight, they say, is 20/20.......