Thursday, August 27, 2015

MassDrop Order

This morning, I am having a root canal in a botched root canal from 5 years ago.  

So to make myself feel better (and reward my courage for driving across town) I just ordered some fabulous solid fat quarters from MassDrop.  I am always amazed at the prices I have seen, I guess guaranteeing a minimum order is what helps with the price.

From MassDrop site

For example, these Cirrus Solids are anywhere from $12.50 to $13.25 on the various places I generally by online.  The MassDrop price is $2.31 per FQ or $9.25 per yard.  That is like getting a whole FQ for free for every 2 you buy.

I know several people who  have done a significant amount of orders from MassDrop, and several who follow this blog.  In fact, it was on Sophie and Patty's recommendation that I joined in at QuiltCon!

My last order was the Skele-Biker material, remember that?

I need to finish that last 9  inches and get it bound for a finish!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Tournament

Yesterday afternoon, I had only a few more minutes on this CD book by Matthew Reilly.  I love the historical dramas from Kings and Queens of Medieval times.  This one was about Elizabeth as a 13 year old girl in 1563.  She travels to Suleiman's Ottoman Kingdom to watch a Chess Tournament.  Michael Angelo makes an appearance.  And there are some murders.  I was on the phone to the Endodontist trying to make an appointment and on came this really (really really) steamy sex scene with Elizabeth's chaperon in the Sultan's harem room.  Oh, my!

Other than the 3 or 4 gratuitous sex scenes (which are like just stuck in the story and really have no bearing on it at all) the book is pretty good.  (Like the English Princess would actually be allowed to travel to the Middle East.)  And I always wonder why men think they can write so vividly about what they think women experience.  This is the Middle Ages people!

But I would recommend it as a good quilting CD read.  Think of me when you get to the sex scenes, I am Elsie!  LOL

Later          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

About 4:30 PM I finished the book and the quilting! Considering what happens in the end, maybe I won't be Elsie.  Although I wouldn't be that stupid.

Now I can put the back together for the Swissy Raffle Quilt and get it on the frame.

Not sure if you can see the quilting.  But here is a close up of a corner.

I need to get the binding done so I can wash it and see if all the markers come out. 

Off to the Endodontist.  I hope their  scheduler enjoyed the gratuitous sex scene! I might see it in her eye as she takes my insurance card!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Quilting and Katrina (10 Years)

I entertained the Handiquilter Tech this morning.  He made short work of re-setting the timing clearances and reassembling the part Margaret couldn't get back in yesterday.

Moon quilted today
Part of the quilting path done today
I learned a lot just listening to him.  I found out I was tightening the quilt too tight on the frame when I quilted.  It still feels strange to leave it so loose!

As he works he explains what that piece does and how it fits into the rest of the system.  Very interesting.

So after he left I didn't get a chance to work on my quilt until after my Physical Therapy visit.

FEMA Trailer City
Feeling better now, I came home and quilted down to the last 9 inches of my Krista Withers quilting without a single broken thread!  Oh, that felt so good!

Have you seen the multitude of specials on Katrina now that it is 10 years out.  Seems like yesterday I was sitting with my mother and her husband waiting for the worst to come.   It was a rough time for everyone.

I remember the incessant drone of the helicopters as they flew directly over our house bringing refugees from New Orleans to a staging area in Baton Rouge.  Weeks, they flew back and forth.  Black Hawks carrying people who lost everything.  

Frank and I worked the  animal rescue staging areas here in Baton Rouge which sheltered dogs, cats and reptiles (yes, snakes) brought in from the flooded areas.  Most animals were never reunited with their families.  It was just so chaotic.

Aunt Emma's House

Our families still in New Orleans were scattered to 5 states.  It took us two weeks to find Frank's St Bernard Parish family.  They had three houses just 3 blocks off the Murphy Oil Refinery and lost everything to the sludge from the broken tanks.  His cousin's daughter still suffers from neurological damage from the 8 hours they were allowed to go in and see if they could salvage anything in their homes.  She slipped and fell in the sludge and has never been the same.

My family spent the time in one of the tall hotels in Downtown New Orleans.

Everyone from both sides eventually ended up on the North Shore, not one of the lived to return to New Orleans.  A good friend lived just blocks from the levee break on the 17th Street Canal.  His house was found 3 miles away from its location.

Ray Nagin, the Mayor of New Orleans had a major break down, eventually locking himself into the bathroom of Air Force One.  They had to break down the door to get him out.  Kathleen Blanco, the Governor, was not much better.  Both failed the people of their city and state.  Nagin is currently in prison for corruption.

George Bush tried to convince Blanco to allow Federal assistance in, but she refused to sign the documents that the Governors of Mississippi and Alabama did. History has shown that she made some bad decisions.

There were also some amazing people who pulled their recreational boats down to the flooded city and saved thousands of people apart from the organized rescue efforts.  They were called the Cajun Navy.

So many of our family and friends lost so much in that tragedy.  When you watch the specials this week, think of my birthplace and know it is a survivor!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Stash Report and A Next!

You know me by now.  I gotta be working on something!  So here are the next few things.

When Frank had all those points from his sales awards, I thought they were better spent on quilt books rather than those silly B Sci-Fi movies like The Creature From The Planet Zorgon.

And Cultural Fusion was one of them I chose.  Since then I have seen so many of the modern (and not so modern) quilts make fabulous quilts from this book.  I was so jealous they were having such a good time in Sew Alongs with Sujata herself, that I thought I would at least try some on my own.

So if you have the book, and want to do a Sew Along, LETS GO!

Here are two blocks from the book.

This one is simply a ton of scraps from my existing (and never ending) scrap boxes.  I paired up dark and light and made a kit to take with me to retreat.

This one is from garments I purchased for 99 cents at The Purple Cow.  The stripes were crop pants and the leafy things was a linen shirt.  the beige was a sofa fabric sample that softened after it was washed.  And discolored a bit as well to make some soft shadings.  Now I need to dig through Frank's pants and,


I will make sure he understands THIS time that I will CUT THEM UP!

I won't do THAT again!  LOL    But it was really funny to see the look on his face!

Used this week -2.83 Used this month -2.83 Used this year -104.83
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -2.83 Plus or minus -2.83 Plus or minus -37.58

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Here are the photos that should have gone with the last post......

Cute.  Frank working on the fontain.  The new pump didn't work the last time he "fixed" it, so he got it working this morning.  Funny story.  He cut a section off a piece of piping to get the right pump housing when he bought a new pump.  So when he went to put the piping  back on, he realized it was short the exact amount he cut off.........uhhh, wrong pipe!  So we had to venture to to get more at the hardware store.

Here is the thirsty steiva. 

And here is the stevia overflowing with the 2 inches of rain we had this afternoon.  It is in a pot I made called hypertufa.

Basically cement and peat. 

And hea-vy!  You ain't moving this one unless you have Frank muscles.


Swissy Raffle Quilt

Thank you to all who commented privaetly and on the blog abot the border fabric.  I think to really do a good 6 inch  border I would need more fabric.  I just love the dolor with the rest of the quilt, which is why it was in the pile to begin with.

I decided since I didn't put it inside the quilt, that meant it probably didn't really go with the quilt.  Like Sophie said, it was incongruous.  A perfect word, indeed!

I need to finish the quilt on the frame, that mass of modern quilting.  I am fighinting with the tension on the Handiquilter.  I get it perfect and I get skipped stitches.  I change the stitch tension tighter or looser. I change the bobbin tension tighter or looser.  I changed the thread, the bobbin, rewound a bobbin.  Loosened the quilt on the frame, tightened it up.

 I keep getting skipped stitches.

So Margaret is coming to see if she can set the tension tomorrow after she leaves her momma's house.

It is frustrating  but it is so wonderful to have a dealer who really is ready to help. 

And look.  It rained.  A lot.  I had moved my Stevia in closer to get the shade because i was having to water it twice a day.  Now look at it.

Feast or famine!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Progress on the Swissy Raffle Quilt

Look at the dirt on the ear 3 hours after a bath
Whew!  I had a busy most of the day!  Up early, I took Chloe and McGee to the vet for baths.  I picked up a prescription for nasal spray from the doctor's office and hand carried it to the pharmacy since the phones were out at the pharmacy.  When I got home, DiNozzo was so lonely.  He walked from room to room and all over the back yard looking for everybody.  So he and I hopped into the CR-V and headed to PetsMart to do some Doggy Grocery Shopping.

After that, Paula called inquiring if I wanted to try some Middle East for lunch......duh, yeah!

Then I had to Human Grocery Shop and retrieve the two clean dogs.  Chloe the Smelly Basset is smelly no more!

When I got home, Frank was already home!  I swear I could never have an affair with his odd and unpredictable schedule!

Without extra borders
He went out to replace the pump in the fountain.  I stayed long enough to make sure he didn't electrocute himself, and then headed to the Quilt Room to work on the Swissy Quilt.  (Poor guy, he couldn't get it to work.........RAY!!!)

Of course everything we do is overseen by bassets.  I had to keep taking tools out of McGee's mouth as he wanted to work on his own project.  No doubt dismantling the gate to my sewing room.

I  tested various bits and pieces in various places and sets and ended up with a layout I found pleasing.

I spent most of the afternoon working on sewing the pieces together.  I am loving it!  Really loving it.
with paw print border

Without the paw print border it is 48 x 60.  A really nice size for a raffle quilt.

I have 1/2 yard of the paw print fabric which would make the borders about 4 inches I am thinking.  Maybe 3 inches

.  It would be ineffective as a binding and I would rather save it for another quilt.

So what do you think?  Is 48 x 60 good?

I am going to hook up with Nina Marie at Off The Wall Friday and see if I can get some opinions on the border.  Feel free to jump in with suggestions!