Monday, April 27, 2015

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night.......

My deck!  Branches down every
 Only it wasn't night.

Mid morning the storm hit.  It was so so dark, like midnight, as they say.  The street lights were on.  As I walked through the house, you could feel the low pressure of the storm system.  It is always eery during these storms.  We didn't lose electricity but it did flicker like we would.  We are so used to conditions during a hurricane. This looked and felt just like a hurricane!  My guess is that we had at least 70 mph straight line winds in this system.

The trees where whipping wildly.  The robocall from the city came, I think I have only gotten two others in the last 5 years.

Before it hit, I called Carrie.  We usually have to deal with poor Hugeaux, he is terrified during storms.  I did not have enough time to get to him safely.  He was on his own.

This branch is from another tree!
The storm was just beginning in Port Allen, just across the river from downtown Baton Rouge, and Carrie said they were at a customer's in Port Allen and had just lost power.  Frank waited for the rain do die down, he had to be in Port Allen at one of the plants for an 11 AM meeting.  He just said the Mississippi River B ridge appeared to be closed.  I show you that bridge from time to time when we talk about the Old Man River.
Branches in the yard

The nursing home my mom is in just called and said they are fine, no power loss and no damage. 

My patio debris
Luckily this storm was moving at 65 mpg and would get through the area quickly.  The news just announced that tornadoes were seen in Covington and Belle Chasse, south of New Orleans.  I have friends and family in Covington and one of Frank's offices is in Belle Chasse.  He is often there.  thank goodness he was heading to Port Allen today!

branches on my deck
It is currently hitting New Orleans.  The newscasters are funny as they try to pronounce the names of the cities.  the most common mistake is the Parish of Plaquemines is not pronounced with the S.  It drives us crazy when they use the S on that parish!

I just began to hear the birds again.  There is a squirrel nest down that makes DiNozzo ecstatic! I can't even lure him in with the promise of treats!

Let me start getting some of the branches up and check the fenceline for escape routes.

Glad there was not a lot of building damage.  It is so calm now.  Odd, this calmness after the energy of the storm.   But I'll take it!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My New Life Saying.....and a stash report

A cat can have kittens in the oven, but that don't make them biscuits!

OMG!  I love that saying.  It can  be my new life motto! LOL!

I love the Big Bang Theory, don't you?  That was one of Sheldon's mom's great down home observations.   I wish I could think of them that fast, but I guess they have the benefit of scripts and directors!

Stash Report for this week-  I finished the binding for Jersey Girl and then there was the Summer Breeze piece. Still going in the right direction!

Used this week -1 Used this month -3 Used this year -55
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 6 Bought this year 34
Plus or minus -1 Plus or minus 3 Plus or minus -21  

Purple Foxes - revisited

I can never get the Magical Linky Widget to work for me.  So here it goes again.........

these are my purple foxes for the Purple Month!

I hope this works.

I am rather liking my foxes.  But there are some other things I need to work on during purple month!

Nope, didn't work either.  So just ignore this!  LOL

Hubble photos - 25 Years

Spiral Galaxy M101
Spiral Nebula
Mars Approaching Earth
Can you believe it has been 25 years sine they launched the Hubble Telescope?  And remember the problems they had once they looked at the first photos?  They were all blurry!

We all thought the governments $36 million was wasted by some idiots who forgot to test the lens!!

But they worked that out with a set of "glasses" for the camera
The Cat's Eye Nebula (NGC 6543)
Cats Eye Nebula
and black holes were proven, black energy was discovered, and thousands upon thousands of photos of galaxies far, far away have shown us the beauty of the not so near places in our neighborhood.
The Orion Nebula
Orion Nebula

Check out some photos here

Friday, April 24, 2015

Face - Summer Breeze

I think I will call it "Summer Breeze".  It looks like a gentle breeze is blowing her hair around her face.  The challenge is Monochromatic. 

I was whining to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color and she slapped me around a bit with some suggestions about how to look like an artist even though I am not really an artist.  Magazines and the internet offer some faces to study that would help me look like I had some semblance of talent.

It was scary, even scarier than drawing, to think I had only one chance to mess up this fabric.

I remembered that I had that lightbox!  Yes.  I gathered some photos and a few faces from the internet.  A few places on the fabric suggested faces to me, so I tested out line work and shading on the fabric.  Not sure I really chose the best spot, but I did suck it up and made a choice. 

I tried to catch the hair.  And a shadow on her face.  Not sure I made it.  I can see where it wold have been better placed.  I do, however, like the stitching.  Freemotion of course.

Frank thinks it is amazing, but then he has to say that.  Although he did not like my choice off the darker binding. 

I really do like it.  The only problem was that I couldn't find the blue washable pen so I went with a mechanical pencil.  I hesitated to wash it out because I didn't want to lighten the dyes already on the fabric.  At first I scrubbed it with a soft toothbrush and some shampoo.

Still, the marks showed.  So I tossed it into the washing machine on gentle with the regular detergent.

Some marks came out, but not all.  And the dyes did lighten a bit. 

I will know better next time.  Duh!

I do like it though.  I do.

"Hole" Earth Dogs - Week 16 52 Snapshots of Life

Since my 52Photos Project with Bella is ending I thought I might try another venue.  I found a great site that promotes dogs, duh, it is where I need to be!  At 52 Snapshots of Life the people look fun and I can see the love they have for dogs and dog rescue.  Right after my own heart as President of Capital Area Animal Welfare Society!

They are already into Week 16.  The theme is Earth.  So let me introduce the Bad Basset Boyz to the people of Earth!

I took these guys in a year apart, as cruelty cases.  They both came from the same owner but in a parish that has no Animal Cruelty Laws, and therefore we could not prosecute like we usually do.  Sad.   DiNozzo was emaciated but McGee, the white one, was pretty bad off.  His experiences made him a bit wacky in the head.  He is obsessive about eating stuff.  Fabric, plastic, metal, wood, you name it, it is NOT safe!

The first year we had him he ate a 6 foot silk scarf I was dyeing for the Habitat For Humanity Art Sale.  It cost me $1200 in vet bills to have him x-rayed, sonogramed and bariumed to get it through his inner twists and turnes.  It worked out in the end......LOL (a bit of a joke there!)

But I look into those eyes, and know he was worth it.....even though I was pretty mad at him.  The Habitat people were not so happy either.

DiNozzo is so laid back, sweet and loving.  He sometimes gets pushed to the back burner because McGee is so needy.  But he is never more than 10 feet away from me at any moment of the day. 

When we first got DiNozzo, he would refuse to go for a walk with Frank if I didn't come.  After 4 years he still drags down the driveway, stopping several times waiting for me to appear.  What a loyal guy!

And being bassets, they have this need to be earth movers and dig.  We can see China sometimes!  They are tracking the moles that tunnel through the yard on their way to grubs.  Every time we have one of the holes, we fill it in and add some sod to make it less appealing. 

And don't think they are couch potatoes!  They are heavily muscled, tough guys, who walk at least a mile a day and have a huge yard to run and chase squirrels or each other.  We keep them moving!  The vet always calls about 8 people into the exam room to see the "Basset Body Builders" !!

Oh, yes.  Chloe the Smelly  Basset.  She came to us in the middle of my Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs via the Boyfriend From Hell.  That was 10 years ago.  She moves when she wants to, sleeps where she wants to and commands the best sun rays in which to bask.

She claims Frank as her own.  Her very own!  And that is OK.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

....and McGee happened!

Yes, McGee happened.  I should have known nothing was gong to be safe within the confines of the backyard with McGee present.  I offered to send him to Sophie in New Mexico, but she was pretty sure she didn't want a McGee.

Too bad, I could have used the respite!

Since I had just read a piece about someone who does ecobundles overnight by boiling the goop and leaves, wrapping it and letting it cool over 12 hours, I figured I would go with what I had.  McGee, be damned!

This is what I ended up with.  Too bad those squirrels dumped out most of my goop, it was a nice batch! 

The piece was originally white, well, it was Ecology Cloth which is a nice non-bleached heavier muslin used for backs and such.  Carrie loves it for the baby quilts I make for her friends.  Everything I say makes it seem like a heavy cloth, but it is not, it is heavier than Kona though.  It has a nice sturdy feel, and needles well in the machine.  (How's that for quilt talk?)

She gave me about 15 yards for my birthday.  Turns out it is just perfect for this ecobundle stuff.  I used a piece just over a third of a yard but under a half yard. 

This photo I tried fixing with Photoshop but decided it changed the color too much.  It looks like it was rusted, but in reality the color is more muted and brown.  Which reminds me I have a new piece for rusting, it is a saw blade about a foot or so long.

I was talking to LeeAnna of Not Afraid Of Color about the beautiful face she painted on one of her hand dyes.  It is amazing to me how someone can just sit down and do something like that.   I can see in my piece where a face would form.  I can see the eyes and the nose and the chin even.  But to trust myself to actually draw it, not so much.

LeeAnna gave me some advice I want to try and see if I can get a decent face out of the process.  I need to get out my lightbox.  I wish I could take a class from her or just sit with her, it would be good to see things right there in front of me. 

But lets see what I can do here.  Cross your fingers!  Wannabe Artist Alert!

I am hooking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall posts!  Check out what others are doing this week!