Friday, May 29, 2015

A Rant - and more quilting.......And the Sign of the Devil in my Floor

Bet that caught your attention!

Rant first!  Since my knee surgery I have enjoyed the benefits of sleeping.  But since I am one of those total insomniacs who rarely sleep, I convinced the old doc (not really, he is younger than me!) to continue giving me the Ambien that Dr. Gorgeous gave me.

At some point, my pharmacy did not have the 5 mg tablets so they gave me half the number of 10 mg tablets with instructions to cut them in half.  Well, now that seems to be the standard.  Yes, I have a splitter.  And Yes, I do cut them in half.  But it is not always a clean cut since the tablets are pretty small.  And why should I do it when there are 5 mg tables out there anyway?

It would be just so much easier to have the 5's and not have to do all that.  Now the pharmacist says he cannot give me 5's without calling the doctor, getting his approval for the change.  Oye!  THEY were the ones who changed it in the FIRST place!

So I guess I need to find someone who takes 10's but gets them in 5's and trade!  Would that make me a dealer?  Aughhh!

I need to get my Modern Robin round put on before the meeting on Monday.  And I need to finish up the Cotton Robin so it can be mailed off in two weeks.  And the next color for the Rainbow Challenge is light blues and I pulled fabrics for some foxes.  Since I have already done a number of lighter blue foxes, I decided to do teal foxes instead.  And I need to do some fishes and some asterisks, and some cranes.  I might just ditch the cranes, I think i am over them.

So I need to put another quilt on the frame and start off June with a good finish.  I have several to choose from.

The Houses, which was a Mystery Quilt I did two years ago.
Spools, which was  Lotto block set I won 4 years ago.
Stars, which was  quilt I did 8 or 9 years ago.
Black Random, which needs a backing still.


Any number of quilts I have sitting in the box in my room.  Maybe I need to just do it and stop talking about it!

Oh, let me tell you about my foyer floor!  It was dark dark wood parquet and we hated it, so I called my good friend David Iles at the Floor Store and asked him to come lay me some tile!  I chose the center medallion at one of the hardware stores like Home Depot, I think it was Home Depot.  Lowe's was not built over here yet.

Anyway, when David's crew came to lay the tiles I gave them the center tiles and they did a fabulous job.

About  year later, I was having David do my bathroom, the one I just spent all that time on.  I let the crew in the front door, dogs out the back, and showed them the bathroom they would be working in.

Devils Tower CROP.jpg
Devil's Tower, WY
One guy freaked out.  Like MAJOR freak out.  He said that the medallion was the sign of the devil and I must be a devil worshiper to have that in my house.  And to have it built into the floor was the worst thing I could do.  I think he even mentioned Charles Manson.

I can assure you, I chose it from Home Depot not the Hell Depot, and that I liked the Mariner's Compass reference, not the Devil's Compass.   We did go to Devil's Tower in Wyoming, but even that doesn't look like my floor.  (You might recognize this as from the movie Close Encounters.)

I assure you, I am not worshiping anything!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Calla Lily an Bathroom Are Declared Finished!

Well, Calla Lily is about 2 feet of binding short of being finished!  That will get done tonight while we watch Doc Martin.


And we have declared the bathroom done and finished!  And we did it without Ray....although there were a few times I could have used him here.  Like when we were trying to re-hang the cabinet doors!

But we made it and I didn't have to kill Frank.  I was close a few times.

The mirrors are back up and the photos are panoramic shots I took when we were on vacation on the West Coast.  The long one is Multnomah Falls in OR on the Columbia River Gorge.  This is before the huge piece of rock broke off and changed the look of the falls.  The top one is the Gold Coast along Hwy 1 in CA.   We drove up from Los Angeles through Carmel and Monterrey, stopped at the aquarium, drove through Big Sur and over Bixby Bridge and toured Hearst Castle.  Actually I  think we started from the top and drove down!  And we climbed to every lighthouse along the way!

Two pieces of the pottery came from two trips into the Navajo Reservation, one in Monument Valley and the other in Utah. 
The ewer with the handle was a pottery piece one of my dog clients made for me.  The screws from the toilet paper holder stuck through and Frank couldn't cut them off, although he imagined himself superman enough to do it.  So I took some corks and dowel pieces and screwed them onto the screw ends.  I think that was pretty swuft!  Frank was convinced it would never work.  So after he works out a bit and builds up some muscles, it will do.

 I hung the toilet paper HIGH! And the towel rack over that outlet. 

The only thing I have to do is when the shower curtain comes in tomorrow I need to rehang the rod over the bathtub.

I need a few brightly colored pieces of stuff like towels, rugs and a basket for the Roomba's stuff. Right now the Roomba keeps its stuff in a plastic tub.  We can be more upscale than that!

So I guess it is NEARLY finished as opposed to TOTALLY finished.  OK, I'll give you that. 

Green Stack and Whack Calla Lily Quilt is Quilted

Chips the 22 lb mean cat!
Cali helping with a quilt
I loved that story about the kitty waiting for the litter!  Sounds just  like a cat, too!  I miss not having kitty feet in the house.  We always had two or three at one time and they lived to ripe old ages of close to 20.  We lost the last one 2 years ago, Cali, my little tiny calico who was 21 and still catching lizards until the end!

The Calla Lily Stack and Whack quilt is now quilted and needs a binding.  I have to decide what to put as a binding and get that done so I will have a finish for May, at least!

I wanted to do a pantograph on the back table since the long arm is still pulled out from the wall for when the film guy was here.  I got everything set up and realized we never did put the handles on the rear of the machine!  So much for that!

So I resorted to working from the camera, but I couldn't figure out where to put one of the wires that turned the whole thing on!  I gave up and just did a free motion leaf and swirl.  It worked out well.

Now it just needs a binding!

And to show you just how much Frank is loved:

the snoring from all three is deafening!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Towel Rack?

It is pouring rain, cats and dogs!  It is raining so hard that the gutters are overflowing!  I hope all my Dallas friends are high and dry.  We get their weather systems the day after they do.  Ray, do you know how to paddle?

We have always said this is a weird place for a towel hanger.  It is directly over the wall outlet.  Or better yet, it is a weird place for a wall outlet.  But I am not moving that!

When Carrie was little we plugged the holes with those baby proof things because we thought any water dripping into the socket might electrocute her.  We wanted to make sure she didn't kill herself on our watch.  It is the only thing really, about the house I dislike.

I need to rehang the towel holder, somewhere.  So I am considering ways to deal with the placement oddity.  I guess I need to get more plugs for the holes.

Hmmmmm......I am at McDonald's and there is a bomb sniffing dog here.  Just my luck to be in the only Mickey D's in the country to need a bomb sniffer.......

I also thought the suggestions about the toilet paper were pretty smart.  I am going to test the theory that McGee only goes into the bathroom for the toilet paper by putting it up on the window sill and leaving the gate open for a week.  If it works, I will happily hang the holder at eye level and let the next owners wonder!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Art Quilts in the Bathroom

Yes.  Art Quilts in the bathroom! I guess the Hibiscus didn't make the cut!

The Row Houses was already in there, so I just put it back.  That was a challenge in River City Guild, oh, maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  I think they did it wrong though.  The deal was to have three bags.  In one bag was the type of block.  In another, an element and in another, a color.

Someone reached in and chose one from each bag and we were all asked to do the same thing.  I think it should have been where each person chose from each bag.  That way the quilts would have been unique and totally original.

Anyway, that person chose a log cabin block, in the color green and with a bird.

I won FIRST PLACE!!!  The pattern was from Flavin Glover long before she came and did a workshop here in Baton Rouge.   I loved her tiny log cabins; they finish at 3 inches so they are tiny!   My green is a greyed green on one of the rooftops, and there is a tiny weather vane with a rooster showing which way the wind is blowing.  Could be a good thing in a bathroom sometimes!

I wanted a great place to put my Iguana.  The Iguana has a real name, Lagarto de Mi Coraz√≥n.  It means Lizard of My Heart.  It was too complicated for the Swamp Show so I just shortened it to Iguana.  Which is good as well.  The figures are Anazasi Petroglyphs that I discharged from a nice black fabric.  It was made for a Challenge for River City Guild about 4 years before the Row Houses even.  It was when we met at the Library.  The challenge was to take a block and add to it or subtract from it.  We were to make something from at least two changes plus the original block.  I wanted to do something other than a quilt.  But back then the group was pretty traditional and it was not something they were interested.  I was Art Quilting before they were ready for it.

And of course, there is The Derrick tribute to almighty OIL.  It is appropriate because the Oilfield has fed, clothed and educated my family for close to 45 years.  It is not something I look at as a bad thing.  I have had friends who besmirch OIL as a bad thing, but I pay homage to it.

You can look at The Derrick as good or bad; something that has built families in Louisiana or destroyed lives.  But it has been very good to us.

And the good thing is that I can change or add or subtract art as I see fit in my own little Bathroom Art Gallery!

The Eagle and the Bathroom of the Vampires

Not related, although it might be a good title for a sitcom rather than a spy novel.

I saw this report on Fox this afternoon and it caught my breath.  It was so incredibly patriotic, is is something that would be fabricated by those who Photoshop well.  But it is a real photo by Frank Glick, an amateur photographer on his way to work at Delta Airlines early one morning.  Just click on the link and see what I mean.

The Eagle on the Gravestone

Amazing, isn't it.  Truly an incredible photo.

OK, the bathroom.

We put on some of the drawer handles and found that we picked up 3 of the correct ones and one incorrect and totally different one!  I switched it out for the correct one and will finish up the drawers tonight.

I still need to put the handles on the doors and rehang 4 cabinet doors.  To look for a new cabinet door, Paula and I went to Habitat ReStore this morning but there was a sign on the door stating it was closed the day after Memorial Day!  Well...........thanks.

I cleaned out the top of the closet I want the glass door to go on.  It looks a LOT better, doesn't it?  A lot of the towels were the ones from my mother's place when we moved her into Sherwood Manor Assisted Living.  Perfectly good towels but smaller in size.  Good for dog towels now! 

See the new shelf space Frank built that used to ve wasted space behind the laundry chute door?  It looks real.

The brown toned paint looks much better with the color of that granite.  I did not like the grey tones with it at all!  I could change the color of the cabinet and the walls but not the granite! 

 This is ready for the mirrors to be hung.  I need to decide what color they need to be.  When we moved into the house 30 years ago, it was 1 1/2 years old.  The couple who built it was going to retire there but he was transferred north after they closed the Kaiser Alum plant.  We got the house for a steal at $36,000 below its appraised value. 

When the moving company came to move their furniture, they took all the bathroom mirrors, light fixtures from throughout the house, all the fans, and even the doorbell! 

I guess they were not happy about the move.  So we bought new mirrors and joked that they must have been vampires!

I ordered the most perfect shower curtain last night from Overstock.  If you notice the part on the back of the tub by the toilet, it creates a difficult situation for the shower curtain.  This tub actually needs a corner shower rod.  See that hook on the ceiling?  That holds a strip of fabric that holds up the outer corner of the rod so it doesn't hang down with the weight of the curtain.  And I need two curtains so one can curve around the back part to keep the water from pooling on that ledge and pouring on to the floor behind the toiilet.

 the bathrooms in the house are large rooms.  The door that is open leads to the hallway and the closed door goes to the bedroom that is Frank's office.

I plan on putting up some of my art quilts on the nice clean neutral walls.  I bought a Phoenix when I was in Colorado and will work on that this summer.  It just might make a good statement piece in here.


If I can only figure out how to keep McGee out of the bathroom.  He tends to destroy the toilet paper whenever he gets into the room.   If you can think of a fashionable way to baby gate the door, McGee needs to know about it.

Proud Momma Time!

Daughter Carrie puts up with my quilting.  She put up with my sewing things when she was growing up, but complained when i made stuff for her.  I really hated sewing clothes, so it didn't take a lot of complaining to get me to stop!

And remember the 16 baby quilts I made for her friends in the last two years?  She came over and used the long arm to quilt one of them, and did quite well.  but that was it.

So yesterday she emailed this.

About two weeks ago, she showed me a photo and asked how she could make it.  We talked about fusibles and cutting a template and pressing not ironing.  You know, the basics.

And yesterday she emailed me this!

Talk about amazing!  

I am so proud of my fearless child!  That is how you have to throw yourself into stuff and figure it out.  You can't be afraid to try something new, or re-learn something old.

You just need to DO IT!

And she did!