Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Week 44 _ 52 Photos - Across the Street

I am so sad.  My beloved 52 Photos blog is moving to an Instagram format. I know nothing about Instagram.  So I guess we will part ways.  I will miss the weekly challenge.  I guess I will have to find me another blog that plays with photos.  And stay in my own technical age range.

But in the meantime, this week is Across the Street.  I have a nice neighb or across the street.  Our girls grew up together since they moved in when the girls were about 3.  We havve watched each other's houses while we went on vacation.  We have picked up mail, newspaper and packages.  We keep an eye out for happpenings. 

Now that all the kids are educated, and gone and married and on their own, we both have had the opportioty to travel in fangtastic places across the world.  We share photos when we return from our travels and get pointers on where to go in future jaunts.

So here is what I have seen across the street every day for the last 30 years.

Hi, Nancy and Greg!  Too bad they weren't home to wave back!

Fox Alert!

I am going to show you foxes, so if foxes scare you, or you think it is cruel to have them in captivity, look away.  This guy is Reynard the Fox from the children's book.  He sets the stage for my foxes, since I would like to think I would dress them in nice clothes.  Of course, you would too. 

And mythology has an unfortunate view of the fox.  Witches would change themselves into foxes and steal children! I wonder where all those medieval children got off to?  I am pretty sure foxes didn't steal them. 



 I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that yellow foxes would look good.  Thank you Rainbow Challenge People for opening up a whole new yellow world for me!

Here are my yellow foxy guys.

And they played nice when I introduced them to their blue and pink canid friends.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stash Report - Corrected

Well, Patty the Quilt Lady brought up a good point.  I did take the Dye class with Kim Eicher-Messmer and brought that fabric home.

It included two yards of white Kona and a half yard each of green and yellow Kona.   I really need to redo  these photos and iron the pieces.  yes.

Here are my spectacular results:  Which do you like best?
Discharge and Overdyed
Discharged Yellow

White dyed purple
Discharged green kona

Discharged green kona
white dyed teal pink brown

White dyed green pink
White dyed green yellow

white dyed teal pink

White dyed teal yellow pink
White dyed stars

Monday, March 2, 2015

Stash report and A New Week

It goes without saying I had no fabric go out but it might  be surprising to note I had no fabric IN either!  And I spent the week surrounded by fabulous fabric at QuiltCon.

It took a lot of gumption to not buy some of it.  There was a fabulous African Village group that sold the most amazing pieces for $22 and $28.  I wanted the whole booth!

And I almost broke down and bought the Saints' Fat Quarters since I have a Saints Quilt to make for friends who are getting married this week.  No, I am not going to get it finished by then, I have already spoken to them and we are all cool!

 I know what I want to do and it will be a wonderful tribute to their marriage and their love of Saints football.

I still have 3 quilts to make and 2 to do some finishing touches on for cousin Jason's wedding in April. 

I am heading out this morning to get our passports renewed.  I think I can just go to the Clerk of Court's building and get it started, but I might have to mail them off to New Orleans.  Quite different from the last time we renewed!  We thought they were floating out somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico never to be seen again!

The last time we renewed our passports was the week before Katrina hit New Orleans.  We mailed them off and then the massive hurricane hit.  In the next few days the levee system failed and much of New Orleans was under water.  Then the looting started.  The area where the Federal Buildings are located is along the Mississippi River.  These places were not flooded as many are led to believe.  Much of the city is on solid ground.  300 years ago the founders build upon the solid ground in the river crescent where the action of the river pulls the water from the soil as it rushes by. 

Didn't know that did you?  Neither did Brian Williams when he talked about seeing bodies floating by in the French Quarter.  We all know the French Quarter doesn't flood! 

The photos are Frank's Aunt's house in Chalmette.  They never recovered, never moved back, never beat the system. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pieces Hanging in CFAL

These are my two pieces I will have hanging in the CFAL exhibit

Art of Fiber II: Personal Journeys

which will hang at the Louisiana State Archives Building on Essen Lane in Baton Rouge from March 3-27, 2015.  

The Artist's Reception will be on March 7, 2015 from 2 to 4 PM.  I invite you all to come along and see the most fabulous art in Louisiana!

From One Show To Another

My next show for the year is going to be hung on Monday. It will be at the Louisiana State Archives Building on Essen Lane.  The Contemporary Fiber Artists Of Louisiana (CFAL) is putting it together on Monday.

This time my Hibiscus and the Iguana will hang.  I seriously need to creat more art for these shows!!!!

I am at lunch with hubby so when I get home I will post some photos.

The Artists Reception is next week, come on out and see the show!

Friday, February 27, 2015

QuiltCon Refund

When I got home today and went through my emails, I had a refund for the Dye Class.  I was very surprised.

I did make a complaint with the registration people, but I expected them to call or email me to discuss and apologize.

They did all that but included a refund.

I want to make it clear I did not ask for or expect a refund.  I liked the class, not the venue.

I asked that they rescind the refund, I took the class and expect to pay for it.

Now, if they want to refund me for that stupid lecture where she marketed her book and her mother.........